Free Agent Team Junior


Why the need for a more expensive bike? Much lighter than the Speedway Junior. Extremely stiff, thanks to a host of clever engineering.

Key Features :

  • Carbon Fibre Fork
  • Q2 Sealed Bearing wheelset with “” Straight Pull Spoke Technology “
  • Sealed Bearing Headset
  • Q2 Hollow 2 piece Crankset with External Sealed Bearings( this design, also used by other manufacturers was solely made to increase stiffness, the older, cheaper square Taper BB or splined systems were just as light, if not lighter, why then the change adopted by all good crankset manufacturers?)




Comments :

To increase stiffness

In a sprint, the more a bike flexes, the less it moves forward, so top end bikes strive for lightness with strength, but a 3rd often overlooked factor is stiffness,the stiffer a bike, the less it flexes. ( to achieve all 3 factors is expensive)

An extremely light, strong bike that is also stiff is the ultimate high performance machine!

That’s why carbon fiber is so popular, it’s extremely stiff, Free Agent use a combination of Carbon Fiber & clever engineering on the rest of their components to stiffen up the ride.

Most unique to Free Agent is the use of” Straight Pull Spoke Technology ” on the Q2 wheelsets.
The 1st Bmx brand to introduce this groundbreaking technology to the South African Bmx market.(a traditional or old school wheel has plenty of flex, squeeze the Spokes on a set of old school wheels & feel how you can actually move the Spokes resulting in wheel flex) Now do the same to a set of Q2 wheels from FA – – nothing! Try it at a authorized FA dealer near you!

So when a rider races a Free Agent Team bike they are Racing the lightest/strongest/stiffest & most affordable Performance Race Bmx bike available in South Africa.

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